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I am an experienced, licensed handyman that can professionally repair almost any problem. From light remodeling to drywall to painting (inside & out), decks, fences, refinishing floors, yard maintenance, hauling debris, I can handle just about anything.   We exceed your expectations for a fair price.

As a licensed handyman, I invite you to contact me with any of your home repair needs or questions. We are here to serve you and provide you with the best services possible.

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Our service is unmatched by anyone in the business. We work hard to make sure you are thrilled with the high level of service that we are known for. You receive the same quality service whether or project is big or small.

  • We do a little bit of everything. Even if you need some small tasks completed such as mounting a towel rack, mounting a TV, hanging closet doors, or even light plumbing or electrical work. Some jobs are too small to hire a full contractor. Contractors specialize in large jobs that take several days, or even weeks or months. We can come handle small tasks that only take a couple of hours.

  • We offer yard and lawn care that consists of seasonal mowing, trimming and blowing. We  also offer one time mowings if needed. We offer mulching services which include cleanup and planting if needed. We can prune/trim shrubs, cut weeds, and do wahtever is needed to clean up your land.  We also offer yard cleanup and hauling services. We can clean up your lot and haul away debris, furnature, construction materials, etc.

  • We offer both interior and exterior painting. Inside, we can do drywall repair, prime, and paint your whole house. Your walls will look and smell new.  Outside, we can clean, prime and paint the outside of your house. If needed, we can repair any rotting wood or siding then paint. We also paint porches and refinish / stain decks. 

  • Thinking of building a deck? We specialize in creating outdoor living spaces that are beautiful and functional. Our craftsmen are experienced with low maintenance recycled deck materials as well as beautiful all natural wood. We can repair broken or rotten planks and fix loose railing. We can build stairways or handicap ramps. 

    We use these same durable materials for outdoor fencing. From fixing a few planks to installing a new fence, we can create something that will give you lasting beauty and privacy.

  • While we can do major remodeling jobs, we choose focus on light remodeling. Rather than knocking down walls or such, we can help you spruce up your room on a budget. We can install new cabinets, floors, fix up your drywall and paint. Your house can look and smell new on a nice buget. 

  • Our tree care service specializes pruning and trimming trees. Our services include small tree removal, tree pruning, bracing, and emergency service. As we love trees ourselves, we will offer preservation techniques such as a restorative pruning to keep a tree at full health.

Andrew Whited

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